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Collective Individuality

Collective Individuality

Relating as social beings in fashion systems.

A Professional Development platform for fashion professionals and students, exploring the capacities and skills as creative, innovative and business orientated individuals and their role and relationships with cross- functional, multicultural and multi-located virtual teams.

Human beings are social animals. Our lives depend on other humans. Human infants are born unable to transport or care for themselves. Their survival depends on another human's efforts. We develop and learn about the world around us through the filter of other people. Our connections to others are critical to not only our survival but also to our happiness and the success of our careers.

And who are the humans that have supported your personal and professional life? How do / did you relate to them? And how these relationships are being played up in your professional path right now? What stops you from being fully present as individual and professional when working in fashion teams?

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