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Instinctive Authenticity

Instinctive Authenticity

Unlocking the Internal Potential of Individuals inside Fashion Systems

A Professional Development platform for fashion professionals and students designed to unlock ( step by step) your instinctive sensibility and authenticity that is the foundation of your professional path inside the fashion industry.

Creativity rarely begins with an answer. As soon as an individual believes he/she has discovered an answer, enquiry and creativity slow down or stop; curiosity is muted, and discussions become less open to possibilities. 

By reframing an initial insight, we trigger each other’s curiosity. Curiosity creates vitality and together they generate enough energy to start and sustain a creative process.

Is your fashion professional insight, creativity and curiosity:

  • Real – meeting a pressing need?
  • Edgy – taking you into unchartered territory? 
  • Deep – causing you to delve beneath the surface? 
  • Shared – so you are traveling with people with whom you can co-create? 
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