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Insight, Perspective & Access



One-to-One sessions with Fabián and his partners can give you the insight, perspective, and access to new possibilities that enable you to move ahead with your life and achieve your personal and professional goals and desires.­­ 

Fabián Hirose is leading an 8-year in-depth professional practice and research on the roots and dynamics of the decision-making process in business leaders, creative directors and cross-functional team members in the international fashion industry.   Fabián is the pioneer in applying innovative and practical platforms to the development of fashion professionals and organisations using design-thinking, neurobiology, business psychology, education models plus somatic, personal, systemic, organisational and collective developmental interventions. 

Executive Coaching & Mentoring:

Coaching is a series of accurate, genuine, and generative conversations, each as unique as the people involved. Based on your goals and your leadership style, we will find the turning points, resources, and opportunities that will enable you to evolve into the professional and leader you want to be. 

  • Basic Programme: 90 minutes session, every other week over six months.
  • Intensive Programme:  90 minutes session,once a week over three months. 

In One-to-One sessions, you can gain a better understanding of your present situation or dilemma. Fabian's consultation work is:

  • Quick – because it addresses the connections between issues in your life and your professional performance. 
  • Systemic – because you see how others affect your personal and professional life and identify precisely how unresolved life experiences are playing out today. The One-to-One sessions give you insights, perspectives, and access to new possibilities that enable you to move ahead with your life and achieve your goals and desires.
  • Holistic – because it incorporates the whole self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) knowledge, your mind gets to know what your body has been trying to tell you.
  • Life-changing – because the one-to-one sessions can change the perspective of yourself and the possibilities in your professional career or business. A coaching & mentoring programme can be part of a shift in your life’s course. 

In the One-to-One sessions, Fabián will ask you what you would like as a result of the programme, gather a brief timeline of important events related to the result you seek and collect your family, career and business history.  From there the conversations will shape the sessions and One-to-One tailored programme that results based on your unique needs and goals.

Fabián and his partners run their private practice in London (UK) and Rome (Italy). They are also available for Skype sessions in English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. 

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